As the web moves forward, has design been forgotten?

At Readysalted we are huge fans of Responsive web design (as you may already know) Apps are great but not all businesses can afford to develop a great one, and let’s face it, not all businesses need one! One thing we can assume is the web will still be around in years to come, the //Read More

Join the Conversation: Social Media Marketing

Social networking is fast becoming an integral part of our daily lives, taking up more time than any other online activity, and with the continued increase in mobile Internet access via smart phones and tablets this is only set to rise! As the top ranking social networking platform Facebook is used by over 1 billion //Read More

READY to start networking locally?

In todays economic climate it is more important than ever for businesses to take advantage of digital marketing opportunities. Whether it be through a company website, using social media or simply engaging with local business forums, the web is the ideal platform for local businesses to communicate with their target market. Compared to traditional marketing //Read More