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Social networking is fast becoming an integral part of our daily lives, taking up more time than any other online activity, and with the continued increase in mobile Internet access via smart phones and tablets this is only set to rise!

As the top ranking social networking platform Facebook is used by over 1 billion people, followed by Twitter which has over 200 million active users. It’s fair to say the reach of social media is staggering with over 90% of online adults using social media regularly.

With this in mind more and more businesses have taken to social media to increase their own brand awareness and boost sales. A study commissioned by eBay discovered that 40% of social media users are actively deciding what to purchase based on what they have seen on social media, forecasting that £3bn of retail sales in the UK in 2014 will be influenced this way . It’s not just retail that’s thriving thanks to the social media surge, 77% of B2C and 43% of B2B companies have used Facebook for acquiring new customers!

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Not all plain sailing …

Posting a tweet here and there isn’t going to see the return on investment your company may like though. One in three small businesses are now using social media, however 40% of these businesses admit to having no social media training.

Content is key! 50% of people follow brands on social media, therefore as a business you need to know your audience and ensure the content your posting is relevant to their interests, wants and needs!

Another important oversight is the need to define what it is your brand is trying to say. With a clear message outlined it’s then about developing a digital marketing strategy, which by engaging with your audience through the most relevant channels, will allow you to meet your marketing objectives.

We all know social media isn’t going away and will only further integrate into our daily lives, that’s why we’ve created a bite sized guide for both B2B and B2C companies aimed at helping your business think about social media and what it can do for you.

The best part is… this is free! Just click the image below.

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