3t-Transform is a leading virtual reality and digital twin technology training company, that sought to reflect their innovative business with a slick user interface (UI) and enhance its online presence with a new website that would better showcase its services to a growing clientele.

To accomplish these goals, we broke down the project into the following stages; Planning, UX design, frontend and backend development, testing, and launch.

As part of our pre-migration planning, we reviewed how the current website was used and a full technology due diligence review is undertaken. Roles and responsibilities of the team are discussed and planning, design and development sprints set.

Our first step in the design process was to conduct a user experience (UX) workshop with all stakeholders. During the workshop, we gathered critical information, identified key performance indicators (KPIs), and defined the user personas to understand the various users of the website and their specific needs and goals. Based on this information, we developed customer-centric wireframes to ensure that the design would be consistent with the client’s and users’ requirements.

After the wireframing of the initial pages, a prototype was developed in the UX application, Figma, which is shared with the client for input and feedback once a week. This ensures that the project includes all the relevant stakeholders and reflects the business’s needs.

Following on from the successful prototype stage, we develop the frontend and backend development of the website in WordPress. Custom pages are built and draft content was added. We test, analyse and finally deploy the site from user acceptance testing (UAT) and push the website live.

The new, mobile-first website was used to support increased marketing activity, which successfully secured a large contract for 3t-Transform. The website’s improved user interface and tailored content landing pages have allowed the company to better communicate its services to its growing client base. Overall, our digital agency was able to deliver a successful project that met the client’s needs and exceeded their expectations.