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About Readysalted

For over 21 years, our passion for digital craftsmanship has propelled businesses into new realms of success, from captivating web designs to transformative software and insightful digital consultancy.


Our secret? Seeing beyond the code to the human connection, crafting experiences that resonate deeply with users and elevate brands. We blend cutting-edge technology with our rich tapestry of experience, ensuring every project isn’t just delivered; it’s a stepping stone towards redefining what’s possible in the digital space.

How Readysalted started

Founded in 2003 by award-winning UX designer Simon Honeywood, Readysalted made its mark shortly after Simon ventured to Newcastle upon Tyne to immerse himself in digital studies at Northumbria University. Fast forward to today, and he’s never looked back. Boasting a global client base, Readysalted continues to thrive, rooted proudly in the North East of England, where our journey began.

Wondering about the name Readysalted? It was conceived over beers as his course ended and talk of starting an agency began. Though he and his friends didn’t embark on this venture together, the name, inspired by the only snack available – Ready Salted crisps, stuck when he launched the agency.


SImon Honeywood, Readysalted, Newcastle upon Tyne
SImon Honeywood, Readysalted, Newcastle upon Tyne

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Social values

At Readysalted, we’re all about community and making a difference. We actively support local causes, donating tech to help out where we can, from food banks to women’s support groups. We’re also keen on nurturing the next generation of talent through mentorships, work placements for students, and insightful guest lectures at Newcastle University. When working with clients, we love to share knowledge and industry best practices, ensuring we leave a positive and lasting impact long after the project wraps up.

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User-Centric Design: Putting People First

At Readysalted, every digital solution we create is crafted with the user at heart. Our approach is rooted in UX principles, ensuring that our digital platforms are intuitive, engaging, and tailored to meet the real-world needs of the people who use them.

Digital standards

At Readysalted, we uphold the highest digital standards to ensure trusted, secure, and compliant solutions. We adhere to the Government’s Technology Code of Practice and are Cyber Essentials Plus accredited. Our operations align with ISO 27001 standards, and our technology partners provide Government level cloud infrastructure and continuous cyber security monitoring. Every platform we build is designed with compliance and accessibility at its core. You can be confident that your data and projects are in safe hands.

Cyber Essentials Plus accredited

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