As the web moves forward, has design been forgotten?

At Readysalted we are huge fans of Responsive web design (as you may already know) Apps are great but not all businesses can afford to develop a great one, and let’s face it, not all businesses need one!

One thing we can assume is the web will still be around in years to come, the way people access the web is changing though. People require information on the go via a mobile or tablet PC not just their standard desktop PC. This shift in designing websites that respond to the users device and optimise the user experience has brought about some interesting design trends.

As web standards develop and improve, agencies are required to put more and more effort into the mark up (coding) of their websites, it has to be crafted and accessible code that’s fast to load, works well on all devices ensuring a positive and professional experience. Sounds good right? Within an average project budget less and less time is allotted to the visual / creative side of things. Form coming second to function. We’re all impatient and expect things to work perfectly and quickly but has the creative experience been sidelined? Or at least taken a back seat? You could argue attention to detail has gone as web designers with a less creative eye lead the way.

Text is far too large, white space goes beyond aesthetic etc. The finer points of pixel pushing are swept aside as function takes prescient. (Please note this isn’t all responsive websites, but an ever increasing amount that seem to pop up).

Compare Amazon and popular websites that still ‘work’ on desktop screens and the massive jump to full responsive sites. You’ll see the difference.

Hopefully as responsive web design matures, and software helps make some of the more laborious coding tasks automated we will see a good design eye taking centre stage again.

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