Ingeus, a leader in delivering employment and health programmes, partnered with Readysalted to transform their Work & Health Programme Hub. This key platform aids caseworkers in helping individuals retrain and re-enter the workforce. Our goal was to revamp the UI, enhance user engagement, and integrate robust analytics for continuous improvement.

Project Overview

Ingeus required a complete overhaul of their Hub’s user interface to meet modern standards and improve user engagement. Readysalted was recommended by a consultancy and successfully joined Ingeus’s development framework to undertake this significant project.


  • UI Overhaul: Modernise the Hub’s look and feel to boost engagement.
  • Enhanced Participation: Create an intuitive user experience to encourage regular use.
  • Secure Document Storage: Facilitate easy and secure file uploads for users.


Our approach was structured into three main areas:

  1. UI Overhaul:
    Revamped the Hub’s design using React.js and Material UI.
    Ensured the new interface met industry standards and user expectations.
  2. Enhanced Participation:
    Designed a user-friendly interface that aligns with everyday applications.
    Conducted user surveys to identify and address engagement barriers.
  3. Secure Document Storage:
    Integrated secure file storage for CVs, cover letters, and other documents.
    Enabled caseworkers to better assist participants with job applications.

Google Analytics Integration

To provide actionable insights, we set up customised Google Analytics dashboards. These dashboards track:

  • User engagement and drop-off points.
  • Device usage, time of day, and location metrics.
  • Dynamic reports for user-defined periods.

Development for Ingeus Government Service Platform UI

  1. Conducted UX workshops to gather stakeholder insights.
  2. Planned journey maps and site architecture.
  3. Developed wireframes and prototypes in Figma.
  4. Implemented frontend and backend development.
  5. Conducted rigorous testing and gathered feedback.
  6. Deployed customised Google Analytics dashboards.


The revamped Hub significantly improved user engagement and satisfaction. The intuitive design and secure document storage streamlined user interactions. Our customised dashboards provided Ingeus with critical insights to refine and enhance their services further.


Readysalted’s collaboration with Ingeus led to a successful transformation of the Work & Health Programme Hub. The project not only improved the user experience but also equipped Ingeus with valuable data-driven insights to continue delivering exceptional services.