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Delivering a Compliant NIHR Website

Development Project 

At Readysalted, we bring a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the unique requirements involved in developing NIHR funded website projects. Our commitment to accessibility, coupled with a focus on meaningful Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement (PPIE), sets the foundation for success. We believe in a collaborative approach, conducting workshops that ensure all stakeholders, including academics, researchers, and participants, have a voice in shaping the project’s needs.

We are well-versed in NIHR’s brand guidelines and website design systems, having successfully delivered numerous high-profile NIHR websites. Our approach is not just about expertise but about building meaningful partnerships to achieve your project’s goals.

Guiding Principles for NIHR Project Website Development

Download our 20-point, friendly, and technical guide, specifically tailored for NIHR research project managers. This guide serves as your compass for navigating the intricacies of developing outreach websites for NIHR-funded projects.

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NIHR Downloadable white paper cover

Key Takeaways:

  • Accessibility: Empowering Inclusive Academic Engagement
  • Compliance Matters: Adhere to NIHR design standards and brand guidelines
  • Tech Innovation: Embrace a mobile-first approach
  • Usability: Strengthen user trust with better visibility of content
NIHR compliant web development

What you will get from Readysalted

  • Workshops to assess and understand your business needs
  • Use of cutting-edge coding technology
  • Accessibility at the core of our code
  • Customfunctionality where needed
  • Cyber Essentials Plus Certified
  • A user-centric design approach
  • Experience of delivering several high-profile NIHR projects
  • 20 years of experience delivering robust digital platforms

Are you ready to secure your platform?

We have over 20 years experience developing academic outreach websites and specialise in NIHR projects. Speak to one of our team to discuss your next digital platform.

Readysalted Sales Team