Shizzo, an innovative startup, sought to revolutionise the estate agency and vehicle selling markets with a cutting-edge app. They required a MVP to attract funding and validate their business concept before a full-scale launch.

The main challenge was to design a user-friendly app that could seamlessly integrate estate agent services with vehicle sales, incorporating advanced video user control features for a standout user experience.

Leveraging our expertise in rapid prototyping and UI design, we developed a MVP that not only showcased Shizzo’s unique service offerings but also aligned perfectly with user expectations and market demands. The design was focused on mobile-first principles to ensure accessibility and ease of use, crucial for engaging potential users and investors.


  1. UI Design: Created a sleek, intuitive user interface with innovative video controls to enhance user interaction.
  2. MVP Development: Built a functional prototype that allowed for real-time feedback and iteration, essential for refining the app based on user input and stakeholder requirements.

The MVP was instrumental in demonstrating the viability of Shizzo’s concept. It enabled Shizzo to effectively communicate their vision to potential investors, securing the necessary funding to proceed to market. The project’s success was marked by positive feedback during user testing, highlighting the app’s ease of use and innovative features.

Our rapid prototyping approach not only accelerated the development process but also ensured that the final product was perfectly tailored to meet the needs of a highly competitive market. Shizzo is now well-positioned to disrupt the estate agency and vehicle sales sectors with their unique digital solution.